Sunday 25 March 2012

Monday 19 March 2012

In the beginning

You know it happens. A few friends at a party having fun. This time we got onto the subject of belly buttons, or tummy buttons or navels. Sure you can think of your own favourite name for yours.

A few camera clicks on the mobile phone and this blog was born!


Serious business this so we had a meeting to discuss the business model (yawn). And unanimously decided names were important to us. We choose to be known as: Gold, Emerald and Sapphire henceforth. That's us in the first 3 photos - no idea who features in the fourth photo - but it was a nice belly!


Inducements include offering Jelly Babies, Gummy Bears or a hybrid Bare Babe (get it?) for a reveal. You get it, we've shown you ours, now show us yours. Those not tempted might reconsider when you know the punishment for being boring is to be spun around on a pointed stick carefully inserted into the appropriate orifice.

Now you might think we're mad. That's fair. But we've addressed this and apprentice Emerald would like to make it clear that he is refusing to see a square therapist. A rounded, flowing therapist is fine but definitely not a square one.

Still reading this? Then show us yours! - Posting from your phone is possible too!